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Who we are?

imageWe have been established for over twenty years manufacturing liquid liners for the liquid IBC
(Bag In Box) sector.
We supply internationally from our factories in the UK and Poland, working directly with users
or through agents, associates, or distributors.

Our Experience

Peak were involved at the conception of "bag in box" systems when applied to pallets and IBCs.
Over the years we have developed a customer base that includes leading names within the dairy, food, cosmetic, chemical, and other industries.

Our Products

Liquid Liners We manufacture standard "pillow-type" liquid liners whilst also offering bespoke versions which are designed and manufactured to customer’ specific needs. This can include
"form-fit" (cube) liners which offer many advantages in terms of cost-saving, yield efficiency,
and ease of use.We provide solutions ranging from small capacity items to bulk products
(250 litres-1.400 litres).
Our customers use our liners to contain high value products. We are mindful of this and therefore subject our products to constant in house inspection and testing.

Plastic Injection Mouldings Peak are also manufacturers of plastic injection moulded products such as valves, glands, and caps.
Whilst most of our products are made on our own tooling, we also provide a confidential manufacturing service where customers moulds are used.
Our liners and mouldings are produced in clean conditions to meet stringent hygiene requirements and accreditations.

Confidential Manufacturing

We are able to offer `confidential manufacturing` to larger packaging and systems providers who are then able to offer liners as part of their portfolio without the need for own manufacture, but with the confidence and accreditations that Peak provide.